Town of Wilton Democratic Committee Structure

The Town of Wilton Democratic Committee (WDC) follows the rules or “bylaws” in accordance with the Saratoga County Democratic Committee. The following is a synopsis of our organization.

WDC has an Executive Committee of four officers who are elected to two-year terms. An officer is not required to be a District Representative; therefore does not need to collect signatures. Officers are:


The words “Committee Member” describes any person who attends a meeting.

“District Representative” (DR) is an official designation established in accordance with NYS and Saratoga County Democratic Committees’ Bylaws. Wilton is organized into 15 election districts with two “District Representatives” from each district. District Representatives must be registered Democrats. Other terms used for DR have been “District Captain,” “Committee Member”, and “Ward Captain.” We will use District Representative or DR. District Representatives may represent a district other than the one in which they reside, but getting to know your neighbors is part of the fun.

The purpose of having District Representatives is to help our committee develop our local network of voters. Ideally, District Representatives make a personal connection and get to know those in their district. They disseminate useful information, help collect signatures for candidates, support candidates, and—most importantly—get out the vote.

District Representatives have voting rights on the Town of Wilton Democratic Committee, as well as the Saratoga County Democratic Committee. This ensures that the interests of our communities are represented. The expectation is that these individuals attend meetings and be active participants within the committees.

The official process to become a DR is for the interested individual to carry a petition and collect the required number of signatures from the district which the person would like to represent  (usually 10 – 20 in Wilton). Alternately, the individual may be appointed by the chair of the Saratoga County Democratic Committee for an interim period leading up to and until the next petitioning cycle.

Current District Representatives

As mentioned, District Representatives have voting rights at our meetings. However, in certain circumstances as determined by the WDC Executive Committee, voting privileges may be extended to all Democrats in attendance at the meeting.