Perhaps It Was Fate

An Account of the 1st Saratoga Young Democrats Meeting

Alex and Margot at Meeting #1

Perhaps it was fate that our first meeting should be held on the eve of a vote for a health care bill that could strip the nations elderly, sick, and poor of their right to affordable health care.

It’s bills like this one that are the reason the Saratoga County Young Democrats were formed. We see a terrible story unfolding, one that could scar the earth for millennia to come while simultaneously threatening the rights of the people who already make this nation great.

We can’t stand by and watch that story unfold; we won’t.

What to do, then? Where to start? Well, it starts right now, and at the local level.

The Meeting.

There was a diverse group in attendance for the first meeting. We had members join us from Clifton Park, through Charlton and Saratoga Springs, including some staff from our county’s liberal arts institution, Skidmore College. Some were activists, some with unions, others working class from the public and private sector alike.

We were particularly delighted to see that we had a candidate for sheriff in-house, along with some not-so-young democrats who were eager to share their experience and perspective.

Saratoga Young Democrats MembersWhen it came time for introductions, one thing was clear: we were united. United under a belief that when we look to the capital we could not believe what we saw. We were united in the belief we can do something about it.

After reports were given, committees were formed. Led by executive board members, there are committees for fundraising, recruitment, legislative affairs, and for professional development and outreach.

We broke out and discussed how to make these committees thrive and where to start. There was a sort of elated energy in the room that comes from working towards a common goal as a group.

With an exchanging of phone numbers, email addresses and many action items already underway, the meeting was called to adjourn.

What’s next?

SCYD Kick Off MeetingIn the coming weeks our committees will meet for the first time to begin work on the SCYD’s objectives. We’ll meet again on April 27 to discuss progress and continue our efforts forward.

We still have plenty to do and are still welcoming members into the fold. No matter your background or expertise, there is a place for you in the Saratoga County Young Democrats.

We are a unique subset of the Democratic Party. We can focus on the issues that will impact us for the rest of our lives. We can support the candidates whose policies align with ours and take action in areas that directly impact the future of the party.

While the television may make things look bleak, this is an exciting time to be a democrat. We hope you will join us!

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Brad is the Chair of Professional Development on the Executive Board. He leads the outreach committee that works to communicate with and inspire young democrats in Saratoga County. Brad is 27 years old and a resident of Saratoga Springs, NY.
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