Meeting Minutes – March 23, 3017

Saratoga County Young Democrats

1st Regular Meeting Minutes

March 23rd, 2017

  • Meeting called to order at 7:04
  • Introductions
    • -18 members
    • -3 guests
  • (Dan Barusch) Discussion of importance of getting involved in community democratic committees and efforts
    • -Work towards getting younger candidates for local offices
  • (Dan Barusch) Executive Board Appointments
  • President: Dan Barusch
  • Vice President: Alex Fitz Blais
  • Secretary: Leland Bunting
  • Treasurer: Eddy Abraham
  • Outreach Coordinator: Bradleigh Wilson
  • (Dan Barusch) President’s Reports
  • SCYD Constitution available online for review
  • Discussion and vote at April meeting
    • -Public Comment for 30 days
  • Whitepaper on national issues impact on local level
  • Discussion of Saratoga Gun Show concerns
    • -Discussion of which committees will approach these issues
  • (Bradleigh Wilson) Outreach Report
  • Website
    • -Members are encouraged to provide feedback
    • -Looking for members to contribute to blog
  • Newsletter
  • Full newsletter every 2 weeks, with a smaller item every other week
    • -Facebook
      • -Creating a community for members
      • -Creating Facebook connections with other related groups
    • (Eddy Abraham) Treasurer’s Report
    • Concerns for finances
    • Dues (annually)
    • Paperwork is involved and being processed for fundraising
    • Using “ActBlue” for contributions
    • Group Fundraising Ideas
    • Partner with Trivia Nights
    • SCYD stickers and buttons
    • Silent Auctions partnering with local businesses
    • Grassroots fundraising
    • (Alex Fitz-Blais) Vice President’s Report
    • Potential events for 2017
    • “Get Out the Vote” efforts
    • Special Issue groups
    • Happy Hours with elected officials/candidates
    • Learning and Professional Development events
    • Activity and issue related fundraising
    • Committee Breakouts
    • Recruiting Committee
    • Legislative Affairs Committee
    • Fundraising Committee
    • Professional Development Committee
    • Adjourn 8:37

Our constitution is now open for public comment! Please find it here.

About Bradleigh

Brad is the Chair of Professional Development on the Executive Board. He leads the outreach committee that works to communicate with and inspire young democrats in Saratoga County. Brad is 27 years old and a resident of Saratoga Springs, NY.
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