Executive Board

The Saratoga County Young Democrats (SCYD) is comprised of regular members, and an Executive Board of officers that leads them. The Saratoga County Young Democrats Executive Board is the chief policy making body for the chapter. The Executive Board will have all the powers necessary for the proper and legal execution of all duties of the Saratoga County Young Democrats. Board members are elected to one-year terms.

The Executive Board contains five (5) officer positions, four of which also serve as Committee Chairs. The 2017 Executive Board is as follows:

  • President – Dan Barusch
  • Vice President – Alexandra Fitz Blais
  • Secretary – Open Seat!
  • Treasurer – Eddy Abraham
  • Outreach Coordinator – Bradleigh Wilson


Saratoga County Young Democrats hosts four (4) standing committees. These committees are the Fundraising committee, the Legislative Affairs Committee, the Recruiting committee, and the Professional Development Committee. Each committee is responsible for addressing certain tasks as part of the larger SCYD organization.

The SCYD Committees are as follows:

  • Fundraising Committee – The role of the fundraising committee is to make sure the fundraising for chapter/annual dues and special events is done properly and efficiently. The fundraising committee is chaired by the Treasurer, and creates fundraising goals, budgets, and identify all potential sources of funding.
  • Legislative Affairs Committee – The role of the legislative affairs committee is to document and prompt discussion on the legislative issues that affect the SCYD membership, the SCDC and the Democratic Party at large. The legislative affairs committee is chaired by the Secretary, and oversees SCYD Constitutional Amendments, and works with the local Democratic Committees to write and/or propose state legislation.
  • Recruiting Committee – The role of the recruiting (membership) committee is to assist in the recruiting and renewing of SCYD members. The recruiting committee is chaired by the Vice President, and gives the SCYD advice and counsel on matters of membership, professional development, perception, and retention.
  • Professional Development Committee – The role of the professional development committee is to develop special events, marketing, and social media outlets that focus on the interests of SCYD members and potential members. The professional development committee is chaired by the Outreach Coordinator, and is in charge of setup and management of all special events and marketing efforts, as well as administering the Facebook and other social media pages.