About Us

Charlton’s Democratic Party


The Charlton Democrats are a political party focused on putting traditional American values and institutions into practice in local government.

Like any local political party, we nominate candidates whose names appear on the ballot for Town elections. Working through a party committee, we ensure that nominations meet legal requirements and organize campaigns to introduce the party’s candidates.

Unlike other parties, however, Charlton’s Democratic Party has a longstanding commitment to open town government, and acts on that commitment.

We meet in caucus to nominate our candidates for town office. Any registered Democratic voter may propose candidates and vote to designate which name appears on the Democratic line of the upcoming ballot. And any Charlton resident, regardless of party, is welcome to observe the caucus.

Our candidates pledge to work toward non-partisan town boards and commissions, transparent town decision processes and accessible information about town business.

We are currently conducting a non-partisan process to incorporate all citizens’ concerns into the Democratic platform.


2019 Charlton Democratic Platform

The Charlton Democrats’ 2019 platform will begin to be  discussed soon.  Any interested resident of Charlton is welcome to join and help us make charlton better and to propose other issues to consider.