SCDC Bylaws

March 22, 1975
Revised, 1978
Revised 1980
Revised June 23, 1988

Rules and Regulations

of the Democratic County Committee of the County of Saratoga

The Democratic County Committee of Saratoga County New York is constituted as provided by law for the administration of the affairs of the Democratic Party in Saratoga County, New York, and shall exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred upon it by law, as a whole when in session, and by such other committees in the interim between sessions as may be hereafter provided.
The Democratic County Committee of Saratoga believes it is the responsibility and obligation of party leadership to conduct their affairs in an ethical manner, and by so doing improve the respect of the public for the party, its leaders and its policies. Therefore, attached to these bylaws and incorporated by reference to such bylaws are the Democratic Party ethics rules as promulgated by the New York State Democratic Committee and as may be amended from time to time hereafter. Appointment, election or succession to any position within the Saratoga County Democratic Committee covered by such rules shall only become effective upon the agreement of the person appointed, elected, or succedent to a covered party position to abide by such rules in the form required by its terms.
(a) The officers of the County Committee shall be the Chairperson, a 1st Vice Chairperson, a 2nd Vice Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Officers must be enrolled members of the Democratic Party.

(b) The Chairperson, 1st Vice Chairperson, 2nd Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the County Committee at its organizational meeting and shall serve as such during the life of such County Committee; at any organizational meeting of the County Committee, a temporary Chairperson shall be chosen by the drawing of lots among the Town Chairpersons present, in person, at said organizational meeting and shall serve until such time as a Chairperson is elected.

(c) None of the officers of the County Committee need be members of the Committee, but no officer shall have the right to vote in such committee, unless as a member thereof, except that the Chairperson, or Vice Chairperson presiding in his absence may vote to decide any question in the event of a tie vote.

(a) The County Executive Committee shall consist of the Democratic Town and City Chairpersons of the Towns and Cities of Saratoga County, or their designees; the officers of the County Committee and not more than five additional members chosen by the County Chairperson. The County Chairperson shall serve as Chairperson of the County Executive Committee.

(b) The County Executive Committee shall have the power to act for the full County Committee when such County Committee is not in session, but subject to the rules of said Committee. It shall carry out the resolutions of the County Committee and shall, between meetings of the County Committee, administer the affairs of the Saratoga County Democratic Party.

(c) The County Executive Committee shall meet upon the call of its Chairperson on 48 – hours’ notice, or by written request of the majority of its members upon 72 – hours’ notice.

(d) Any action by the County Executive Committee shall be by a majority of the members thereof present in person.

(e) The County Executive Committee shall have the power to make rules and regulations, adopt procedures and make decisions for its own government and activities not inconsistent with these rules.

(f) The County Executive Committee shall have the powers and functions granted to such Committee pursuant to the provisions of Section 6-120 of the Election Law, except regarding such powers and functions in respect to candidates for designation, nominations, or substitution, all Executive Committee meetings whose agenda includes any such matters may only be delegated by the County Committee after it has met for these purposes and the following shall be held on 7-days’ written notice given by the Chairperson, or by the majority of the members:

(1) The designation and/or nomination of candidates.

(2) The assessment and/or distribution of funds to the Town and City Committees.

(a) All Committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson and shall serve as such during his pleasure.

(b) None of the officers of the Committees need be members of the County Committee, but all members of said Committees must be enrolled member of the Democratic Party.

A Special Meeting of the County Committee may be called by the County Chairperson upon 72-hours’ notice mailed to each member of such Committee.
Voting at meetings of the County committee shall be as provided for by the Election Law.
(a) The presence of twenty-five (25) percent of the members of the County Committee in person and who shall represent at least fifty (50) percent of the members of the County Committee by duly executed proxies shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of said County Committee.

(b) Any duly elected member may substitute in his place and stead any enrolled voter of the Democratic Party in the County of Saratoga to act for him to attend meetings of said County Committee, and any such substituted member shall have full power to vote, but shall not otherwise participate in the deliberations of said Committee, or in the proceedings of said meetings.

A vacancy in any office of the County Committee, except the office of Chairperson, shall be filled by appointment by the Chairperson, such appointee to serve during the life of the Committee. If the office of the County Chairperson becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, or for any other reason, the Chairperson shall be immediately succeeded by the 1st Vice Chairperson, who shall serve for the remainder of the term. The 2nd Vice Chairperson then moves up to 1st Vice-Chairperson, and a new 2nd Vice Chairperson is then appointed.

Resolutions not inconsistent with these rules may be adopted and amended at such times as may be deemed proper for the regulation of the business of this organization, and the conduct of the affairs of the Democratic Party in Saratoga County and the County Chairperson may appoint and at pleasure terminate the existence of temporary Committees under the same restrictions and for the same purpose.

Candidates for elective town offices and for elective village offices throughout the County may be nominated by caucus or petition at the discretion of the Town or Village Committee as provided by the Election Law. In the event that the caucus method is chosen, such caucus shall be called by the General Committee of the Town or Village, upon written notice posted in at ten (10) places within the Town or Village for which such officers are to be elected, at least ten (10) days preceding such caucus, or advertised pursuant to the election law. Only enrolled members of the Democratic Party residing in such Town or Village shall vote at such caucus.
(a) The County Committee shall meet at the time provided for by Law.

(b) Regular meetings for the purpose of organization shall convene within twenty (20) days following a primary election at which members of the County Committee are elected. Regular meetings for the purpose of designating candidacy shall convene at least twenty days prior to the first day primary petitions may be circulated.

(c) At the Regular Meetings of such Committees for organization, the retiring Chairperson shall prepare a roll of members and a temporary Chairperson shall be elected as herein provided.

(d) Except as herein otherwise provided, Robert’s Rules of Order, most recently revised, shall be the rules of the County Committee and shall govern and control the deliberations and proceedings of any and all meetings of said Committee, Executive Committee and any committee thereof.

The members of this Committee shall be elected biennially in each even numbered year.
In each City, Town and Village of the County of Saratoga there shall be a City, Town and Village Committee, consisting of the County Committee members of such City, Town or Village Election District.

(a) Each of such Committees shall meet within ten (10) days after the organization of the County Committee and as often thereafter as the Chairperson of such local Committee may duly call said Committee for meeting.

(b) Such, City, Town and Village Committees shall each elect such officers from enrolled members of the Democratic Party as its Rules may provide.

(c) All such Committees may adopt such rules and regulations as they may desire, subject; however, to the Provision of the Election Law of the State of New York, and to the rules and regulations of the County Committee.

These rules and regulations shall have become effective on April 1, 1975, and shall continue in effect until repealed, or amended. All other rules and regulations heretofore adopted for the government of the Democratic Party in Saratoga County are hereby repealed; provided, however, that the county and other local Committees elected to succeed them shall meet and organize by the election of officers. On petition of fifty percent (50 percent) of the County Committee members to the County chairperson a meeting shall be scheduled for amendments of the rules.