Vote against continued over-development and congestion in Southern Saratoga County on April 4th

On Tuesday, April 4th, the residents of the Shenendehowa School District will decide on whether to approve the sale of 34 acres of forested and designated wetlands from Moe Road to Maxwell Drive.

Absent the grassroots activism of more 7,000 Shenendehowa residents who signed a petition to force a public vote on this issue, a small majority of Shenendahowa school board members would have already conveyed this parcel to wealthy developers for the purpose of building a large retail facility and up to three (3) additional office buildings.

The Clifton Park Democratic Committee supports the more than 7,000 residents who oppose this land sale and has called on the town to step forward and purchase this important green space. The Clifton Park Democratic Committee stands with majority of Southern Saratoga County residents who want to protect the character of our town.

Southern Saratoga County does not have the appropriate infrastructure – roads, water, waste treatment – to allow for continued over-development. The time has come to protect our watershed and green space, not to pave and build over it. The time has come for political leadership to spend as much effort protecting the character of Southern Saratoga County as it does trying to develop it. And, most importantly, the time has come for that leadership to step up to the plate and purchase this parcel because it is what the residents demand.

The choice is clear— if you want a cleaner, greener community that respects the voices of its residents in the decision making process vote “NO.” If you want to continue down the path of over-development, congestion and traffic under the direction of a handful of school board members and other political officials then vote “yes.”

The choice is yours! Just remember that with choice comes responsibility.