Saratoga Springs supports Judge Francine Vero

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Congratulations, Judge Francine Vero, who spoke to a big, supportive crowd tonight. She’s endorsed by SSDC for City Court Judge.

Blogger Arthur Gonick had this to say on his blog, Daily Planet Arthur (which has a collection of great photos from the event as well):

“The difference came when Judge Vero greeted the packed room.

In detailing her background, she acknowledged both her mother Nancy and the Mayor for appointing her – also taking ‘Judicial notice’ of all current and former City officeholders and candidates. This can be perilous, as I’ve seen experienced politicians inadvertently omit this person or that. I looked around the room – she didn’t miss one.

Further, Judge Vero’s remarks about what her office’s role is, and what areas her Court covers were revealing in what she chose to emphasize. Her Court hears cases on traffic, DWI, civil and criminal matters of course, but Judge Vero placed great emphasis in noting that she hears ALL the cases relating to domestic violence in the City. Bottom line: If you didn’t know Judge Francine Vero before this event, you knew her after she spoke.”

Read Arthur’s full blog post

Introducing Judge Francine Vero, SSDC’s pick for City Court Judge.

Posted by Saratoga Springs Democrats on Thursday, June 1, 2017