Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee updates platform statement

From the Saratogian online:

In anticipation of upcoming city elections, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee updated its platform statement. The Democratic Committee said it believes it is more vital than ever to stand together, embodying an American community that accepts people’s differences and rejects bigotry and divisiveness.

“We believe it’s important for our community and its elected leaders to set an example that stands against the unacceptable policies of the current Republican Administration in Washington,” SSDC Chair Charles Brown said in a statement.

The platform statement addresses six areas:

  • Keep city government fair
  • Safeguard open space and the environment with smart sustainable development
  • Maintain and promote the quality of life
  • Plan for the long-term
  • Preserve and enhance public health and safety
  • Address housing needs and services

See the full article for full platform statement updates