Nancy Dwyer believes “for Wilton, It’s Time!!!”

Open and honest government, full disclosure, and transparency is how we keep our towns and county working for the people.  Unfortunately, all too often, elected officials feel that they are above letting residents know what goes on “behind the scenes”, and cater to a handful of “in-the-knows” while shutting out other citizens who want to be involved.

Nancy Dwyer has been involved in the community for years, serving on the board of Friends of Moreau State Park, as well as the Ballston Spa Teachers Association.  She advocates for public disclosure, and believes that too many in government fail to take the concerns of all residents into account.  Fed up with “inside baseball”, she founded the Public Servants Party in 2017, with the goal of representing all residents regardless of political affiliation, and is running for Wilton Town Supervisor.

Her platform can be summarized in two words: “It’s time”:

●  It’s time that government business in Wilton is conducted in the open, and that residents have more opportunities to get involved. This includes creating citizen advisory boards and offering public forums where conversation and collaboration is welcome.

●  It’s time to manage growth by working for responsible development and improved infrastructure.  As Wilton grows, it is imperative that we adapt to changing circumstances, to preserve and enhance our quality of life for ourselves and for future generations.

●  It’s time to build a feeling of community in Wilton, and to end division based on political affiliations. In Wilton, we are all neighbors, and everyone should feel welcome.

She understands that as the world changes around us, so must Wilton and Saratoga County to stay relevant and vibrant.  The Saratoga County Democratic Committee is proud to support Nancy, and hope you do too.  You can find out more about her, and ways to help her bring a new era of transparency to Wilton government, at

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