Meet Eric Connolly, candidate for Ballston Town Supervisor

The Saratoga County Democratic Party is a “Big Tent” party – we promote debate and diversity of ideas with the shared beliefs that open and honest government is the best government, that all citizens deserve a seat at the table, and that every voice matters, regardless of financial or demographic background.  We want all to feel welcome here, and we want to provide the best representation for our residents and their interests.

Because of this, local Town Democratic Committees often endorse candidates who are members of other parties, committing to support them not because they happen to be registered in the Democratic party, but because their values and principles align with the beliefs outlined above. This gives qualified candidates of any party the ability to appear on our ballot line, lets Democratic activists and volunteers find candidates to support, and most importantly sends a message that these are the best people to enact policies in office for the benefit of all residents in Saratoga County.

One such candidate is Eric Connolly, a first-time candidate for Town Supervisor in Ballston and registered Republican. Because he is registered with the Republican party, he was able to participate in the primary election process without having to seek the permission of the local Town Republican committee.  Last month, he defeated the endorsed Republican incumbent in the Republican primary, and in November will appear on the ballot on both the Democratic and Republican lines.

Eric released the following statement regarding his victory last month:


To: Our Town Residents/Democrats

From: Eric Connolly, Resident & Endorsed Candidate for Town Supervisor

Hello to all our fine residents!

Summer in our Town is so awesome that it almost makes you forget about having to snow blow your driveway in the winter! I’d like to thank all of our residents who helped us gain and maintain support during the hard fought primary stage. Many of you made a difference by speaking with your neighbors and speaking out on social media. It was a roller coaster ride, but I was always taught by my family and my church that if you commit to something you see it through to the end. I am so looking forward to meeting more of you in the upcoming months.

In this point in the election cycle it’s important to remember that we went for multiple ballot lines because we believe we are a town of neighbors who may have different national political views but the same local goals and many of the same driving values. Connolly, Curtiss, & Solberg believe it’s time to concentrate on our similarities not our differences so we can work together to overcome the challenges we face. And those are a desire for intelligent growth, adherence to the comprehensive plan, promoting our farmers and businesses, and protecting our farms and Ag District. Along with these goals we believe much can be done to increase community involvement and government transparency.

With your help and intellectual contributions to our community, we are confident that the Town of Ballston will thrive in ways that will continue to make us proud to be Ballstonians.

In Solidarity,

Eric P Connolly


Congratulations on your victory and we look forward to seeing you continue on in November and do great work for the Town of Ballston and Saratoga County in the coming years!

You can learn more about Eric Connolly, his running mates, their platform, and why they’re the right choice for Ballston here.

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