Ballston (NY) Democratic Committee

What is the Ballston Democratic Committee?

It is the official Democratic Party organization responsible for the recommendation of Democrats to serve in appointed and elected positions in the Town of Ballston. This Committee consists of 18 people who represent 9 election districts in our town. Many of us also get involved in the campaigns of local, state, and federal candidates – often Democrats, but also Independents and Republicans who share common concerns.

Who is on the Committee?

Our committee members are various town residents who care about our community. Many are active in their children’s schools, local charities, places of worship, and youth activities.

Why be an active Democrat in your Town?

We care about people, programs, and open government. The Town of Ballston needs a balanced hand helping to guide it forward. Help us to achieve this balance by presenting alternate points of view and allowing for open debate on the issues that challenge our town.

Why are we telling you this?

The real strength of our committee lies with the party’s volunteers who help get out the word about the Democratic Party and its candidates. The backbone of the volunteer organization is the committee person. We need more active participants. It does not require a lot of time – just an interest in improving your town.

It’s Time for Pro-Active Leadership

There is no time to lose – All of us, individuals and organizations, in Ballston and the surrounding communities must work together to ensure that our children have the kind of community that we’ve had: Healthy and safe, in a rural setting defined by abundant, visible and accessible natural resources.

This means preserving adequate open space for park and recreational areas for our growing population.

We promote Smart Growth – Smart Growth is planned growth based upon educated decisions. These decisions need to be made by the community leaders based upon the needs and desires of their community. Not the needs and desires of corporate America and real estate developers.